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We do not offer a one-size-fits-all solution for importing from china; our service will be tailor-made to suit your exact sourcing needs in China..

Product Sourcing

Our professional sourcing agents will assist by relieving you from the complex purchasing process.

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Quality Inspection

We offer a variety of personalized quality inspection services based on your needs.

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FBA Prep Service

We offer this service to assist you in better preparing before you start selling your products.

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FBA Shipping Service

We provide a variety of logistics solutions in addition to our conventional shipping methods.

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What are you waiting for?

Consult a source and ship specialist regarding your business and help you import products from china

How We Work

Step 01: Tell Us What You Need

You can contact us via info@ sourceandship.org or join our online-chatting, our “1 on 1” customer service starts when we get your request with details of products you need.

Your assigned customer representative will contact you within 8 hours and he/she is responsible for your sourcing till you get the products.

Step 02: Get The Quotation In 24-48 Hours

Our buyer will start the sourcing, clarifying scope of manufacturers, suppliers and sub-contractors, Cross-check prices, make basic supplier verification, you will get a sheet with 3-5 supplier quotations. Sample will ordered (optional) and send to you for evaluating.

Step 03: Contact And Production

After you confirmed the sample and choose the final supplier, we will secure the agreed terms and negotiate terms of payment, delivery time, packaging, labeling, and Specify manufacturer’s quality assurance commitments. Then we start the massive production.

Step 04: Inspection, Payment And Shipping

We will follow the whole process during production. Our weekly status report ensures our clients to get the most updated status and everything is under control and on schedule. You can pay the supplier directly or for some supplier they prefer in getting RMB, We can pay them on behalf of you. We will do final quality inspection before the supplier send out the goods.

Source and Ship Your Trusted Sourcing Partner

 China Import Agent Guide 2020

Import agents assist in foreign business by providing transporting and clearance services. They connect the domestic companies to the most suitable international shipping services.

It can be said that import agents provide professionals dealing with the trade of goods at the international level.

An import agent will look after the import, export, and shipping of goods to and from different geographical regions. An import agent will ensure the secure and cost-effective delivery of goods. The primary responsibilities of an import agent include the following:

  • Secure transportation of products/goods
  • Collection of payments
  • Dealing with the third parties

In most of the regions, import agents deal with a single client at a time, assuring a safe packing and shipping of goods.

They also try to make reports and inspect all the required documents so that everything can be settled according to international law. They also help the customers in receiving the payments by dealing with third parties.

Most of the import companies try to provide full-time services to their clients. You can call him any time, so it can be said that an import agent is 24/7 on duty. You can found their offices near ports, railways, and airports in major towns and cities.

Effective communication with coworkers, clients, and third parties is the primary requirement for a professional import agent. Problem-solving, planning, geographical knowledge, and organizational skills are the skills an import agent keeps.

An agent will also keep command of international languages and can work in different cultural settings.

The import agents can be hired by a company, sometimes they open their own Company, or they may work individually.

They can receive a portion of the commission if they are working with a company. While if they are working independently, this may increase their responsibilities.

What is China Import Agent?

No doubt, you can buy cheap products (such as clothes, toys, shoes, electronics, and other items) and can earn a profit after reselling them.

Import/export is not that easy when it happens at an international level, especially for a new person. But for a China sourcing agent who is an expert in business dealings, all these things are straightforward and easy.

China import agents are specialized professionals who import and provide the materials in bulk to clients all over the world. China import agents will help you in finding and evaluating the products, quality checking.

Then from storage to shipping, they will be responsible. In each step, a china import agent will be with you and will try to help you out to resolve any sort of issue.

Agents help you to find the products at a very low price. Agents have a perfect business sense; they know very well where to get products at a low price. They can also work out to provide discounts, and this can save the money of clients.

As they are working at the international level, Chinese import agents are very specialized in tariffs, import/export, and tax issues.

Chinese agents are trained in cost dealing and providing goods on time. Chinese agents are familiar with the local community so that they can handle all the issues regarding corruption/cheat.

What Does A China Import-Export Company Do?

The trading companies do not produce the goods. Instead, an import/export company finds foreign traders. It connects them with a domestic company so that they can sell/purchase the products.

The import/export company collects the deals about trading companies, hires distributors, creates marketing materials, and arranges the shipping services.

A trading company does not produce any goods; instead, they source a large number of products to and from other factories.

They can offer you a variety of products and assure products of good quality. They can provide you an easy way to all the factories, which are challenging to find as you cannot see all the companies on Alibaba.

The import-export companies offer you their expertise to make all the dealings according to rules and regulations. They have networks to identify the producers and suppliers. In this way, they make a pool of domestic and international traders, which can help you in promoting your business.

China import-export companies understand the customers better than the producer; therefore, they are more likely to sell your products. Most Chinese companies try to trade for small manufacturers who do not have expertise.

Why Need Import Agents in China?

International business plays a vital role in the survival of all countries. As one country/region has to supply products/goods that are required by other countries/regions. Due to technological advancement, international trade has become more and more manageable, rewarding, and profitable.

On the other hand, the chance to cheat is always present there. You are aware of players, but you have to take a swim into the trade channel. Besides it, the starter of this field has no idea how to sell the products and earn a profit.

So in this way buyer has to order a few samples to test the quality of the products. In addition to its buyer and seller want to follow a secure and safe pathway.

So here comes the middleman or china sourcing agent who connects the buyer and seller. The China import agent examines the quality of the product, deals with the shipping services, and sends you all your goods safely.

So it is an essential step to hire an import agent who can guide you through running your business. China, an import/export agent, is always ready to guide you in your import/export trade from a china supplier.

It is a wise choice to take help from an agent. You can get business guidelines, market info, price of products from China import agents. While dealing with China, you have to find a Chinese supplier and buy the products at a low price.

It is not that simple, and you can face many issues regarding the purchase of products, shipment, and other regulations.

So that’s why you will need a sourcing agent who will help you in purchasing products and export services for your business.

How to find Chinese import-export agents for importing goods?

You can find Chinese import-export agents online. There are a large number of professionals available to guide you and help you to export materials from china. All these experts have many local Chinese employees who handle your projects efficiently.

You can find many Chinese import agents such as Jing Sourcing, Meeno Group, Sourcingbro, LazPanda, and Foshan Sourcing, etc. You can find them all on the internet, provide them all the necessary information regarding sour products.

They will help you to find the best supplier at a reasonable price as they have approached at the domestic level.

Do I need an import license to buy goods from China?

Export license, also known as the export permit, is required if you want to export from china. It is issued to the companies by China’s Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. And almost all the trading companies have their import license.

But these export permits are required by Chinese companies if they want to sell goods outside China. The foreigner buyers are not required to obtain an import license.

In the past, it was not compulsory to have an export license due to several reasons, for example, bureaucracy and its cost. But now things have been changes, and clients prefer to deal with the ones having a license.

As a license assures a secure deal, and if you do not have a license, there is less chance to deal with the international market.

What documents do I need to import goods from China?

You will need to fulfill some formalities and documents before you start your business with China. You will have to collect and provide the necessary documents to the custom.

Depending upon the region, the list of documents may vary, but the following are the needed documents in international trade.

  • Commercial Invoice

It is issued by the exporter. It is used to get the declaration from the custom. It is just like a permit that allows you to export the materials at the international level.

As the commercial invoice is checked by the customs, if there will be an issue, your goods can be withheld, and you can face a significant loss.

  • Bill of Lading (B/L, BOL)

It is issued by the shipping company. Bill of lading provides detail of shipment of goods, titles of products, and carrier. It is used as proof of the customs.

It can also be used by the seller so that he can execute the letter of credit. The buyer can use it to pay off the contract.

  • Air Waybill (AWB)

Air Waybill is issued by the airline and is used as proof to show that goods were transported. Air waybill has a serial number that is used to locate the shipment.

  • Packing List (Waybill, Shipping List)

You can get it from the shipping company. The packing list contains the detail of the goods which have been shipped. It also includes packing information and can be used by all parties to know the aspect of the content present in the bags.

  • Pro forma invoice

This document is prepared by the exporter. It includes the detail of the shipment, such as several products, their features, and specifically the final cost.

  • Certificate of Origin

This certificate is provided by the exporter. It is proof to show that all the goods of shipment are produced in a particular country.

This document explains the place of production and depicts that the products have been transported after an agreement.

  • Cites Permit

You can get this document from national CITES Management Authorities. This certificate is needed to show that the goods have carried after the permission of international wildlife protection regulations.

If you are importing any product from the cities list, you will have to get a permit from CITES. Otherwise, all your products can be confiscated.

  • Import/Export Declaration

The import/export declaration is issued by the importer/exporter. It is a list of import-export goods and is required by the customs office. The import/export declaration can be varied depending upon the particular office.

  • CE Certificate

You can obtain CE Certificate from the notified bodies, and their list is available on the internet. This document is not required in every case.

Sometimes the producer can also clarify the products, but in some situations, the quality checking procedure is needed.

  • Single Administrative Document (SAD

This document is prepared by the importer. This form is available on the internet. The only administrative document is required for a declaration from customs in various countries, e.g., Europe, Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland.

  • Fumigation Certificate (SAD)

You can obtain this certificate from the custom of your own country. It is used to clarify that all edible products, e.g., cereals, pulses, oilseeds, vegetables, and wood packing, have been disinfected.

In China, it is the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine of PRC. Fumigation is a necessary process so that the food items can be prevented from insects and other pests.

How to import goods from China?

Follow the given steps to import the goods from China.

  • Find the best seller

You must try to order the goods from a well-reputed manufacturer. You can follow the reviews of suppliers to get a good sourcing agent.

You have to make sure that you can export the product from China. Further, you will have to confirm that there will be no need for any permit from the Chinese government. Once you have selected the seller, move to the next step.

  • Order from the China factory

After selecting your required product, you can make an order from the Chinese Company or factory. You can take help from the Chinese import agent to ensure the product quality at the end of the production.

  • Shipping of Products

Choose the mode of freight, either air or ocean. Speed and volume are two very important factors regarding the shipment of goods. Airfreight is a little bit expensive, but it will deliver your goods on time.

On the other hand, ocean freight is economical, but it will take more days than expected to deliver the goods. Besides it, the volume and weight can also restrict your choices. You have to make a wise decision, keeping in mind all the factors.

  • Custom

At this step, you will be responsible for any kind of issue. So make sure that all the cartons have carton count, net and gross weight, and country from where it has been transported at the top of each carton. Because after clarifying from custom, you will be able to enter the market.

  • Delivery of goods to the storage

After clearing from the customs, you will have to transfer all the goods to the warehouse, from where you can transport them to the market. Now you can resell your items and can earn a profit.

Top 10 China Import Agents

  •  Source and Ship (Highly recommended)

Source and Ship have experience of ten years for being a sourcing agent. They are experts in exporting top-quality and standardized products at the lowest price all over the globe.

Source and ship keep expertise in both small and medium businesses. They are also ideal for E-Commerce, e.g., eBay, Amazon Sellers, and Shopify.

  • Fami Sourcing

Fami sourcing provides assistance to beginners. They help in sourcing, production, and supply of goods.

They make private labeling and OEM easy for you. Fami have a belief to turn your idea into a successful trade business.

This sourcing company is trained in providing you a one-stop supply chain management from the sourcing of products to its shipment.

  • Jing Sourcing

It is considered to be the most professional sourcing agent in China. They possess expertise in importing goods of good quality at a reasonable price.

At Jing Sourcing, there are almost forty professionals and Chinese workers who handle the projects. They all help the customers who look for a sourcing company in the Yiwu.

  • Dragon Sourcing

Dragon sourcing is providing its services at a global level. It is the largest sourcing company in China as its offices can be found outside China too.

Due to their international footprints, they can provide you alternatives for economic countries with a variety of suppliers.

  • Foshan Sourcing

This Company is situated in Foshan and they been working for more than ten years. It is a well-reputed sourcing company with its specialty in ceramics and materials.

This team comprises distinct cities for famous businesses. For example, Chenghai for toys, Zhongshan for lights, Chaoyang for underwear, Foshan for ceramics and furniture, and Chaozhou for sanitary wear.

  • Sourcing Bro

This sourcing agent is situated in Shenzhen city of China. It is an attraction for clients from all over the world. They provide a variety of products to their customers from all over the globe. The founder of this Company has expertise in Shenzhen markets.

  • Baysource Global

This Company is situated in the Us, and its headquarter is in Tampa, Florida. They provide many facilities to the customers of the United States. Basically, they serve as the sourcing agents of China for the buyers and sellers in the US.

The Company facilitates the customer in identifying the goods, searching the manufacturer, and the shipment of goods.

This Company owns an experience of more than ten years. They have almost thirty-five workers in China as well as in the United States.

  • B2c Sourcing

This Company provides a sample forwarding service, which can enhance your profit and reduce the effort to forward the sample from China. This sourcing company deals with the customers searching for samples in low quantity.

  • Lazpanda sourcing

This Company has been working for the last five years. They try to help out the small businesses to find products from China at the international level.

They can offer you inspection and verification of products, shipping services, and business travel guides.

  • Keen sourcing

They are the finest sourcing agent s in China. They are experts in guiding small enterprises in locating a trustworthy supplier.

They provide their services to overseas shoppers to find the required products from China. This Company will assure you of the good quality of products at an affordable price.

How Source and Ship Help You import from China

Source and Ship are growing and are becoming the most popular sourcing company day by day. it is the first Company to offer sourcing services.

Buyers enjoy complete import services here, such as sourcing, factory audit, quality inspection, and shipment.

After receiving the queries from the customers, the purchasing agents of source and ship try to find a suitable seller or producer.

source and ship try to provide support to its customers in finding the right manufacturer. They also try their level best to get the right product at the right price for their customer.

Source and Ship take into account the needs and demands of the customer and then provides them the solutions. They are dealing not only with bigger importers but also with medium and small businesses. They assure you a trustworthy business partner and cannot disappoint you.

They also provide you free services until you find the right supplier. Also, they provide their other services like OEM, ODM, package designing, sample consolidation, product development, logo prints, and factory audits.

Final Thoughts on China Import Agent

The search for markets at the international level is a time-consuming process and can also charge you a high cost. So business thinking companies always try to get help from import agents or companies to simplify their operations so that they can focus on other departments.

Chinese import agents or Companies can boost up your sales as well as they can take your Company among internationally recognized organizations.

The sourcing agents are skilled in selling goods in different geographical regions and experts in international laws. So they can deal with multiple manufacturers to find the best producer for you.

You can get a safe and sound shipment at the right time with products of good quality due to the Chinese sourcing agent.