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Product Sourcing

We find the most popular Chinese goods for you, confirm the high-quality factories, obtain the best prices, and reduce your procurement costs.

Factory Audit

It is very necessary to have a further understanding of the cooperating factories, which can greatly solve our time and avoid some hidden product quality risks.

Product Inspection

Ensure that the products can be produced according to your standards and delivered on time.

Amazon FBA Prep

We carry out product packaging according to your requirements, FBA labeling, and also provide multiple product bundle services.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Let Source and Ship help you transport goods from China to the Amazon FBA warehouse, we provide you with the most competitive prices and the most stable shipping time.


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Source and Ship is Your Trusted Shipping Agent in China

Sea Transportation

Shipping usually takes 30-50 days to ship from China to all parts of the world. The transportation time is longer than air transportation, but the transportation cost is much lower.

Air Transportation

Source and Ship provide you with very competitive air logistics prices. During peak sales season, air transportation is a very good model of transportation to ensure stable product inventory.

Rail Transportation

Source and Ship help more than 200+ customers to import goods from China by rail transportation, providing you with the most competitive rail transportation prices.

Door to Door

We can provide you with door-to-door transportation services that transport goods directly from the factory to your warehouse, with flexible transportation methods and optimal logistics costs.

Alibaba One Touch Ultimate Guide 2020

Alibaba, founded in 1999, started to build its platform with the strategy of creating a business-to-business (B2B) network to connect Chinese manufacturers to buyers and importers around the world.

Today the company has emerged as a technology giant and become the largest e-commerce company in the world in terms of its gross merchandise volume (GMV).

With the aim to make business easier, Alibaba now has a record 454 million annual active buyers on its marketplaces.

The company’s main objective was to make trade more inclusive, give manufacturing merchants a chance to collaborate and grow economically.

 What is Alibaba One Touch?

Alibaba One Touch is an import-export service affiliated with Alibaba itself 7 years ago. It was to end logistics complications for suppliers.

With the increase of the shipping business, the global shipping industry is going through a tough time. Some of them include strict customs inspections, varying cargo rates, overcapacity issues, and the audit of import-export documentation.

How to avoid risks when cooperating with Alibaba OneTouch?

On the verge of these difficulties, Alibaba took advantage of the opportunity. Its OneTouch service helps Chinese suppliers to directly book places on a container ship via the internet.

They no longer have to go through the hassle of dealing with third-party logistics companies and freight forwarders as now Alibaba controls everything. Hence, Alibaba One Touch is a platform that connects e-commerce and logistics companies.

Why Alibaba One Touch?

With Alibaba soaring worldwide, the company also wanted to end its shipping fiascos by making sure that services reach the other part of the world safely.

It soon collaborated with big names like MaerskZim, and CMA CGM, out of which Maersk only was connecting 25% of all container ships from China to US buyers.

How to avoid risks when cooperating with Alibaba OneTouch?

One-Touch had a perspective to help small-scale Chinese suppliers export as easily as the big ones. As compared to Amazon, Alibaba solved issues regarding licensing, freight and bargaining.

With just as many advantages, there are also a number of risks associated when using OneTouch. Let us look at both in detail below:

Advantages of One Touch Alibaba

–  One Touch allows suppliers to send their containers to any destination of the customer’s choice.

–  Alibaba OneTouch gives small businesses in China a chance to connect with suppliers worldwide.

–   Previously, Alibaba did not have any history of the transactions occurred between a supplier and its importer. However, through One Touch China, all client information goes to Alibaba, which is later used for analysis.

–  After connecting with one buyer, the suppliers are recommended a list of suitable buyers from all parts of the world to further increase their business.

–  With all the data in hand, Alibaba now easily controls with shipping companies, which, the suppliers are now free from.

–  Alibaba also lets you track your shipping orders easily through One Touch China online. This is for both buyers and suppliers.

Risks associated with One Touch Alibaba

Risks are everywhere. With every growing business, there is always a possibility of a potential drawback. So is with OneTouch and importing products from China.

How to avoid risks when cooperating with Alibaba OneTouch?

–  Foreign clients of OneTouch are charged with subsidies on their first order, which is by the way pretty high. However, this only happens for the first time. This is done to attract repeated customers so a strong partnership can be made with them.

–  The higher the inspection rate with import and export goods.

–  The audit of import and export documents

–  High VAT applied to foreign goods.

–  Potential delays due to inspections at both buyer’s and supplier’s end.

–  Supervision of processing trade since everything is booked on the internet.

–  Strict measures implied by the General Administration of Customs.

–  Delays due to terminal congestions

–  OneTouch does not provide a warranty on any products in custom.

–  If the goods or not packed according to the requirements, OneTouch will deliver them back to the sender.

–  OneTouch is not held responsible for any damage that occurred during shipment.

–  If the product does not follow proper safety certifications, there is a risk that the customs official might refuse its entry.

–  If you are a buyer and don’t have liability insurance, the products will not be allowed to be shipped in case of any damage.

–  Sometimes the products reach the suppliers in a damaged condition. You can have your shipment fully inspected but that will cost you a double and take more time than usual.

How to avoid risks associated with Alibaba OneTouch?

Obviously, as businesses grow risks grow too. When you’re dealing with buyers from all parts of the world, there are different laws for shipping and inspection.

Importing goods from China through OneTouch may seem easy and perfect until you get into trouble.

This part of the article guides on how to avoid risks when cooperating with OneTouch China.

How to avoid risks when cooperating with Alibaba OneTouch?

–  Screen your suppliers before making business with them. You must know their complete history and the quality standards they follow when exporting.

–  You must know who the suppliers are who they claim to be. Online businesses can expose many frauds.

–  Do not settle for any supplier just because they ask for less money.

–  Make sure both parties sign a proper sales contract before the business starts.

–  Make sure there is a quality inspection done on the supplier’s side before shipping. This is to ensure the products follow safety standards if they go through a customs check later on.

–  Each country has a different import-export policy. If the buyer is in the UK, you need to know all the rules that they follow.

–  Have solid paperwork including all documentation at both ends.

–  All products must have their own liability and meet safety standards.

–  As in the case of OneTouch, when you have an overseas supplier, ensure what payment you and your supplier have to pay. Get all calculations, currency conversions are done before the shipment arrives.

Online business is as risky as it is fruitful. You must follow all the standard criteria when cooperating with OneTouch. Note that the fast sea shipping does not accept OneTouch so you must not select them for importing.

You can choose cargo and liner shipping that usually Maersk, Zim, and CMA CGM do and they entail importing the relevant shipment material as well.

Success will be guaranteed depending on how well you manage and mitigate the risks associated with the import of the material.

please do get in touch so we can assist you in getting the right information.

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