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We can assist you with your Amazon Product FBA labeling. Send your FBA Product label and FBA Shipment Label to us and we will complete the process for you. The fee for FBA Label service is $0.2 per item. (MOQ 20$ Per order)

Sample Consolidation

While we are in the process of finding your ideal supplier, we will procure samples from each supplier and send them to you in one shipment. This is in order for you to see the quality of each product and save on the shipping costs.

Logo & Package Design

To help build your brand and boost market presence, our team of highly skilled graphic designers are here to assist you with your own unique professional logo, package design, and artwork. All is in accordance with your requirements. The service fee will depend on your set design requirements. Please speak to your personal agent for more details.

Bundling & Packaging

Bundling & packaging can highly improve your product value. We can assist you in this process according to your requirements. We will send photographs of the work to confirm with you that all is in order. The service fee will depend on the complexity of your requirements. Speak to your personal agent to confirm the fee structure.

Amazon Photography

Our in-house professional photographer will take relevant shots of your merchandise packaging design at any time if required.

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Amazon FBA Label Service Ultimate Guide 2020

What is FBA Label Service?

It is time-consuming to print and paste FNSKU barcodes on thousands of products. So, to streamline this process for you, Amazon offers you the FBA labeling Service. Through this service, Amazon will paste barcodes on your products.

Amazon costs $0.30 for each barcode. Your products must meet the following criteria to get this service from Amazon.
  • Goods must be new in condition
  • Products are classified as non-media
  • Products are not restricted, prohibited or of high value
  • Having a single barcode (UPC, GCID, JAN, ISBN or EAN)

Why Use FBA Label Service?

Amazon FBA is a service for sellers to shift some of the responsibility of picking, warehousing, and sending the products to they are selling through Amazon. It means a seller is not in need to warehouse their goods. There are many sellers on Amazon, and their goods are stored in the Amazon FBA at the same time. To differentiate the products of different sellers in the FBA warehouse, Amazon uses specific barcodes.

Now, what is the way to use barcodes on the goods? There are two options available for the sellers to decide one of them. They can either label goods on their own or can use Amazon’s FBA Label Service. In this write-up, I will try to cover all the aspects associated with FBA Label Service. I will discuss the pros and cons of this service. Finally, we will explain whether this service makes more financial sense, or we should go for labeling our inventory personally.

Benefits of Amazon FBA Label Service

It will be very hectic and time-consuming. On the other hand, the FBA Label Service is very convenient and time-saving. They are specialized in handling your bulk of products in Amazon through FBA System.

The disadvantage of Using the FBA Label Service

Where FBA Label Service is as handy, it is not without some drawbacks. The significance of these advantages varies from seller to seller. These disadvantages are;
  • Mislabeling Risk: Amazon is dealing with thousands of labeling products at a time. Therefore, there is always a risk that your product could be mislabeled by Amazon FBA Label Service. This may lead to very adverse scenarios.
If you have done a shipment of a significant amount and that shipment is mislabeled, it may lead to severe consequences. As those goods are out of your hands.
  • Increase Cost: Costing a label on $.20 sounds not too bad when you are dealing in low quantity. It means the more you sell, the more increased the cost of FBA Label Service, making it a less cost-effective service.
For example, if a user sells 3000 products in a month, the cost of each labeling is $0.30, then the total cost will be $600. This cost will decrease your profit margin.
  • Suspension Risk: If a user is from the supplier directly to Amazon, he runs the risk of having his account suspended because of inauthentic items or even just because of Amazon’s worryingly outdated account suspension rules.

Amazon FBA Label Service Fee

Each unit of goods cost a fee of $.30 to be labeled and received by Amazon FBA Label Service. Further, a user can choose to charge per shipment basis to label goods himself. Hence, Amazon will not charge a fee for that shipment. He may also change his default setting at any time using the Amazon dashboard.

To get further information on how Amazon FBA Label Service is charging, you can visit this webpage. Further, this page will provide you information about the options of enabling and disabling your eligible shipment.

What Is an FNSKU, and Why Do I Need One?

As discussed earlier, through FBA Label Service, Amazon uses barcodes to differentiate your products from others. These barcodes are called FNSKU (Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit) codes. FNSKU barcode is different from the FBA Box label. This bar code is scanned when the goods reach the Amazon warehouse. After scanning, Amazon can quickly identify that these goods relate to which seller. Furthermore, the FNSKU barcode is pasted directly to the products, not on the boxes these are sent in.

Amazon also can allow you to send your products to its FBA warehouse without using an FNSKU barcode. In this case, you can use an available manufacturer barcode (GCID, EAN, UPC, ISBN, or JAN) and FBA box labels to identify your products.  If a seller chooses to use the barcode of the manufacturer, Amazon will meet his orders with the inventory that is closest to the customer, irrespective of who it belongs to. This process is known as the Commingled Inventory.

In commingled inventory, you face a significant risk. You can send the counterfeit or of inferior quality products to your customer rather than the goods you personally have purchased from your supplier. Therefore, pasting an FNSKU code to your product is considered the best.

How to Streamline Labeling Products?

Labeled products can be cross-checked by matching the information in computer systems. The following steps can also add up to streamline the process.

  • Labeling products: Labeling products is very much important when they are transported from one place to the other. Labeled packages can be identified at any stage, so they cannot be lost.
  • Rack and Bin Labels: Workers in the warehouse use rack and bin labels to place items in the package. In a case, they scan the wrong item, they are notified and can save them from putting incorrect items in the container.

Further, Rack and Bin Labels can keep a track record of inventory. Hence you do not run out of products to ship.

  • Track the Package: The shipping company uses FBA shipping labels to keep track of the shipment. They can approach their system to find the real position of the package. It also benefits its customers to track their packages.

  • For streamlining the process of printing a huge number of FNSKU barcodes, thermal printers can be used. Thermal printers have many significant advantages over standard printers, these are;

The thermal printer has a high printing speed in addition to less drying time. This ideal when you encounter a large number of FNSKU barcodes and FBA labels. You can deal with large orders

  • A thermal printer uses a combination specific type of paper and heat to create images. Hence, these printers do not need to refill toner or ink again. You may save!
  • Both UPS and FedEx provide with free thermal printing supplies and even a free thermal printer to their potential customers.
  • Thermal printers have less moving parts than regular inkjet printers do have. It reduces the need for maintenance. Eventually, increase the lifespan of these thermal printers.

How to Print Your FNSKU Barcodes?

You can use some online organizations that can print FNSKU barcodes for your products. AZ Labels, for example, is one of them. You can get FNSKU codes through AZ Labels as follows.

  1. Sign up for AZ Labels using the website, and you can install their browser extension for Firefox or Chrome.
  2. Make your shipment of products from UPS.com, eBay, Amazon’s Seller Central, or else you want to create labels from.
  3. Now, you can simply click thermal print labels on the browser extension.
  4. AZ Labels will generate your labels after processing data based on the settings you have selected from the dashboard on AZ Labels.

AZ Labels can generate almost 100 labels in 8 seconds. This speed will not let you waste your valuable time. Your labels will be converted to PDF files automatically, and you can download this file to your computer. These labels are correctly sized and ready to get printed from a user’s free UPS Zebra thermal printer. On the other hand, AZ Labels will give you even more streamlined experience if you had signed up as a business or enterprise account.

AZ Labels instant service will automatically print your labels by directly getting connected with your printer. Hence, AZ Labels recommend you to spend your time on more productive things than to spend on printing labels.

Where to Find FBA Labels To Print?

A user can print FBA Labels for his goods from Amazon’s Label Products page. This can be done at the time of creating shipment or at any other time from the page Manage InventoryIf you are using a thermal printer, then labels can be printed immediately. While a laser printed PDF is generated. You can use this file to print labels.

How Long Do Amazon FBA Labels Have To Last?

An Amazon FBA Label has to survive for 24 months. Therefore, it must be readable and legible for this extended period. If the label is printed using an inkjet printer, it may get wet, fade, or swear. A laser printer is better, but the thermal printer is the best.

How to Label Products for Fulfillment by Amazon

To label products for FBA you may follow these steps;

  • Select the shipment to which you want to label products
  • Verify the number of products you want to send using items column
  • At the bottom of the page, you can find the label option.

FBA Label Requirements

Amazon FBA has different sort of labeling requirements which depends upon a seller’s last delivery method to Amazon. These are discussed below;
  • FBA Product Label: FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) labels can be generated by filling a web form on the user’s Amazon Seller Account.
  • LTL Pallet Label: If a user is using a Flexport LTL or Amazon LTL, his shipment needs to be palletized before delivered to Amazon.
  • FCL Packing Options: A user can choose either palletizing hiscargo or flooring load his cargo if he is shipping a full container to Amazon. If he wants to use the palletize option, pallet labels must be used at the time when the shipment is palletized at the origin.

Amazon Barcode Requirements

When you are printing Amazon barcodes onto labels, you must make sure that these printed labels include:

  • A related text on it with sufficient white space all around the barcode. This space should be 0.125 inches on either top and bottom and 0.25 inches on the right and left sides.
  • FNSKU (Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit) codes or ASIN.
  • Product name
  • Item Condition

How to Choose FBA Label Service by Amazon or Third-party Amazon FBA Prep Company?

There are many reasons why sellers on Amazon need to deploy FBA Prep companies. These reasons are the primary driver how to choose an FBA company and are offered as under;

  • Buying from Wholesalers: Many sellers on Amazon buy their goods from various large wholesalers, i.e., Alibaba. They do it to get the best prices. Though domestic wholesalers offer you a reasonable price, they do not provide you product preparation. Hence, products are supplied as it is coming from the manufacturer without any embellishment.

Therefore, you can get the services of an FBA prep company that will package and labels products. Hereafter, they make the goods ready for the shipment to Amazon FBA warehouse.

  • Location: Frequently, the seller is not in a position to see the products physically while doing business on Amazon. One reason is the geographical location difference between the seller and the manufacturer. Here comes the vital role of an FBA Prep Company. These companies ensure whether your goods are labeled and packaged correctly before its shipment.
  • Time and Money Saving: When you are working with Amazon, then you have to adhere to Amazon rules and regulations. These rules tell you how to label, pack, and ship the goods to the FBA warehouse. Amazon will reject those goods which are incorrectly labeled or packaged. This may result in extra cost and time-consuming.

Using an FBA Prep Company ensures that your goods will comply with these rules and regulations.

How source & ship FBA Prep Service help you sell on Amazon FBA

Source and Ship is offering its FBA Prep Services for many years. From choosing the right manufacturer to finding the right buyer, Source and Ship will help you.

This company ensures quality at a competitive price. Further, they will help you with how to package and ship your goods to the FBA warehouse.


The whole article tried to elaborate FBA Label Service. It has shed light on all the perspectives of labeling and when you should go for personal labeling.

Now, you have an idea of labeling requirements. At last, you can find instructions to choose the right FBA Prep Service company.

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As the best Chinese Sourcing agents, We are Committed to Sourcing High Quality Products With a Best Possible Cost via a Complete Transparent Sourcing Process! Please Let us help you find profitable products to import from china .If you have any questions, Please feel free to contact us now.