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Product Inspection

The product quality of the factory is not necessarily as he promised. Product quality inspection can avoid being deceived by the factory and suffering losses.

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Amazon FBA Inspection Ultimate Guide

Inspection of goods is an essential factor in becoming a successful seller on amazon. As we know, there are a lot of sellers available over the amazon platform, and the delivery of the damaged product to the customer may result in negative ratings. At this point, competitors can take advantage of the negative rankings of your product. Therefore, amazon implies various strict rules and regulations for sellers to ensure quality control. These rules and regulations are beneficial to ensure that customers of Amazon always get premium quality products.

Various companies are available in the market that offers inspection services for amazon products. But we strongly recommend using Amazon FBA Inspection

What is FBA Inspection?

FBA inspection is a process of inspection carried out at the production line of the manufacturer before packing and shipment to Amazon warehouses.

This type of inspection is normally not included in the price of products decided with the manufacturer. Therefore, third-party services are available to fulfill this requirement imposed by Amazon.

Amazon provided a complete checklist of requirements that service providers have to fulfill before shipment to Amazon warehouse.

What Does An Amazon FBA Inspection Service Include?

As we mentioned earlier, Amazon provides a list of checklist of requirements for effective and efficient results. Inspection companies have to complete this process at the time of packing the goods and getting ready for shipment. As per the checklist, inspection team has to confirm the following points:

  • The number of goods as per the order placed by the customer
  • Product specifications that are mentioned to ensure the quality requirements
  • Perform visit of the production line to ensure the quality of products
  • Check out the weights and dimensions of packing cartons to ensure whether these are as per FBA requirements or not.
  • Ensure that the shipment is made by fulfilling the entire packing requirements

After the completion of an audit, inspection companies have to provide a detailed audit report to the client that we will discuss later in this article.

Why is FBA Inspection important?

FBA inspection is very important because most of the companies fail to fulfill the strict rules and regulations about packing and many other things. As a result, upon receiving goods, sometimes the entire batches get rejected due to non-compliance with Amazon FBA requirements.

Therefore, to avoid the risk of goods rejection and enjoying the hassle-free selling on Amazon, FBA inspection is essential. However, there are many other benefits in addition to the acceptance and rejection of goods like:

  • It eliminates the risk of problems that can arise in case of rejection and provides the surety that the goods must be accepted.
  • It helps to improve the quality of goods delivered.
  • Ensure to make proper labeling and packing services that are beneficial to ensure that the goods are not damaged during transportation
  • Eliminates the risk of negative reviews from customers by providing accurate and high-quality products
  • Helps to prevent the extra cost that you have to pay upon rejection of goods

Amazon FBA Inspection Report

Inspection companies provide a comprehensive report at the end of the inspection process. This report includes all the deficiencies or defects in the products that the inspection team finds during the inspection. Every part of the report is backed with evidence in the shape of pictures for better understanding. The inspection report comprises of following sections:

  • Inspection Remarks: This section provides a summary of the entire report.
  • Visual And Workmanship Check Section: This section of the report provides information about skilled labor hired by the manufacturer to carry out the production process and bring to attention any matter of concern.
  • Quantity Conformity Section: In this section, you can get information about the quality of the products based on customer requirements.
  • Product Conformity Section: Here, you can find the details of products along with any issues with the product.
  • Amazon Label Requirements Section: This section highlights the issues found by the inspection team with the labeling requirements based on Amazon requirements.
  • Amazon Packaging Requirement: It will provide information about any shortcomings found in the packing of the products based on Amazon requirements.
  • On-site Test Section: It contains the verdicts of the tests executed on the products.
  • Measurement Section: This section reports about measurement issues, if any, found in the products, and check whether product specifications are as per order.
  • Carton Weight and Dimensions: It highlights the findings with cartons weight and dimensions based on Amazon FBA requirements.

This comprehensive report, along with pictures, helps to resolve the issues, if any, before the shipment of goods. It is beneficial to save time, as well as money.

How To Perform FB Inspection

Upon completion of the production phase, the inspection team visits the manufacturer and inspects the goods as per the requirements of Amazon FBA.

The inspection team comprehensively checks the products in terms of quality, quantity, specifications, packing, and labeling

FBA Labeling And Packaging Guide

Amazon FBA imposed different labeling requirements for receiving the goods. Let us discuss these requirements one by one;

FNSKU Labeling

By using this label, Amazon identifies the product as unique related to a particular seller that shipped the products to the Amazon fulfillment center. There are eleven types of FNSKU labels, and sellers can choose anyone based on the product type they want to sell.

Shipment Labels

These labels are placed on the outermost packing of packing to inform the Amazon about shipment details.

Sold As Set Labels

This type of label categorizes the product to be sold as a unit or set only instead of sell separately.

Suffocation Labels

Suffocation labels are required to put warning labels for products packed in poly bags with an opening of 5 inches or more. The warning must be printed in a legible font and a prominent place.

Packaging Requirements

Loose Products

Every product should be packed in one secure and as a whole package. Further, each package must have its unique FNSKU code. If not compliant to above, Amazon can reject the goods to store in the warehouse.

Sold as Set

All the products that are supposed to be sold as a set should be marked as “sold as a set” or “do not separate” or “this is a set.” Therefore, these products should be packed as a whole set.

Poly Bagged Units

  • Polybag must be 1.5mils thick
  • The bag should be clear
  • The bag should have a barcode, e.g. (UPC, EAN, etc.). This barcode can be scanned through the bag.
  • The bag must be sealed incomplete.
  • The polybag dimensions must not project more than 3″.
  • Scented products must be sealed. Therefore, other products may not absorb the fragrance.

Best 10 FBA Inspection Service In China

There are numerous FBA inspection and prep companies. The main functioning of these is almost the same with a small but unique difference. This difference lets the sellers choose one amongst them.  

When you search these companies on the internet, the results can be baffling. You will find many pages showing different FBA inspection services. You can get confused. So, we have offered to 10 FBA Inspection Companies as under;

Source & Ship

We have put source and ship at the top due to several reasons. First, it has ten years of experience in the line. So, almost every businessman on Amazon is familiar with this name. Secondly, it offers you A-Z Amazon FBA quality services.  Source and ship help its customers find manufacturers at a competitive price. Then they implement a quality check. If it finds any issue, source and ship not only acknowledge its customers but also helps them to negotiate with the manufacturers.

Further, source and ship help its users to fix quality problems. Source and ship also offer detailed photography and video inspection if you desire. Further, their staff can inspect your goods at the factory too. These services make the source and ship the best option while you are shipping your goods from China to Amazon FBA. You can save a handsome amount of time and money which you can invest in other valuable activities.

China Inspection Service

China Inspection Service Company, also called CIS, is based in Hong Kong. They offer factory audit and product inspection services in China for their customers. Having a sound knowledge of Amazon and western markets, they fully understand the needs of customers.

Asia Quality Focus

Asia Quality Focus Company is based on time to market as a marketing strategy. They offer you the facility of same-day inspection and submitting the report as soon as possible, i.e., even within 14 hours. 

Doing working on this speed may require sacrificing some reliability and quality work. Well, we have not listened to anything alike about this company yet. They are also careful about production monitoring and offer social, safety, and environmental audits.


It is too a china based company. They are specialized in sourcing, inspection, and procurement for their Amazon Sellers in addition to their prep and shipping services.

They start offering services on receiving 8 percent of the cost of the product. Their services include prepping, buying, and shipping. You may find shipping estimates online from their website.

Asia Inspection

Asia Inspection, often considered somehow expensive, offers very broad services with huge reliability, unmatched to others. Therefore, if you can pay more for a quality concern, then Asia inspection is one of the main options.

They provide services like monitoring of production, shipment inspection, and container loading in addition to many other quality services. They make you calm and peaceful in their services. Hence, you need not worry about it.

Things to Ask About Before Choosing FBA Inspection Company

  • Price: The very first thing you need to know is their cost while you are choosing an FBA inspection company. It will directly affect your cost, ultimately changing your profit margins.
  • Storage: Most of the FBA Inspection Company offers a storage facility. Sometimes you need this storage. So you should have a clear understanding of this storage capacity.
  • Location: Seller is not in a position to check their goods physically due to geographical location. Here you need an FBA Inspection company’s role. You must aware of whether this company is present at that location where your goods need inspection or not?
  • Processing time: Processing timing can also drive your decision to choose an FBA Inspection Company. This time varies from company to company. You have to decide accordingly.


Once you have gone this article, you cannot deny the importance of an FBA Inspection Company while doing business on Amazon.

They provide you quality assurance, which a key component of any business dealing in goods or services. You can get guidance on how to choose an Inspection company and what the determinants of this decision.

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