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Alibaba Gold Supplier : Ultimate Guide 2020

The major challenge in making internet purchases is the reliability of the suppliers. Most times, we have trust issues with shopping online.

And you wonder if your goods will arrive or end in dispute; you need to be sure of where you are sending your money to.

Alibaba gold supplier is a membership for suppliers on Alibaba. This is like a forum of suppliers or rather verification if that won’t sound too scrutinizing.

For a supplier on Alibaba.com, he has to belong to this body. This enables him/her to promote their products, experiencing more sales, thus dividends increases.

What is Alibaba Gold supplier?

An Alibaba gold supplier is a paid membership of Alibaba.com. Just like one pays to be a member of a registered verified or professional body, so does any supplier on Alibaba has to pay to be a registered as a reliable supplier or as an Alibaba gold supplier. For a supplier in china, being a member is a prerequisite.

What is a Verified supplier on Alibaba?

It is an approved supplier on Alibaba whose company profile, the system of management, production capabilities, products, and the process has been assessed and certified.

The certification is done by independent third parties such as SGS, Bureau Veritas, TUV SUD, amongst others. This exercise can be carried out online or offline.

Can we trust on Gold suppliers of Alibaba?

Trust is very expensive. To even trust individuals, you see daily and connect with on different levels is difficult, not to think of trusting online suppliers.

Alibaba Gold suppliers is a platform that makes it less risky to trust. Thus, having to trade with suppliers on this platform assures you of less risk. This means you can trust them.

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What should you care about Alibaba Gold Suppliers?

Alibaba verifies all its suppliers and once the supplier is a member, then his products and membership are thoroughly checked.

You need not care about anything except to be sure that the supplier is an Alibaba gold supplier.

How can I select a good supplier on Alibaba?

Selecting a good supplier on Alibaba isn’t much of a stress because most of the suppliers are verified and certified, you just have to make the right choices and decide the producer to patronize for whatever you want to buy.

Selecting a supplier is based on the item you want to buy.

  • Ensure you have relevant information on the product. Information such as of the keyword and production or manufacturing details
  • State your main requirements and select an appropriate supplier
  • Communication between buyer and seller is also necessary this should be established too

What’s the difference between Alibaba trade assurance and Alibaba Gold Supplier?

Trade assurance offers a standard procedure for buying OEM, ODM, and other wholesale products from china. Trade assurance is only risk management and payment procedure, while a Gold supplier is a membership.

Gold supplier company information overview

1.Trustpass Profile

This is information to be verified by Alibaba.com

Date of issue

This tells about when the business license of the supplier was issued. It shouldn’t be confused with the year of establishment.

Registered capital

Capital strongly indicates the size and weight of the company. The higher the registered capital, the larger the manufacturing abilities. Smaller registered capital indicates the presence of higher risk in case of economic challenges.

Country/ territory

Details of the country where the company is legally registered are highly important. Thus, this detail should be provided.

Year established

The longer a company has survived the tussles and bustles of the market, the more chances of it being a reliable one. Thus, companies that have stayed for long are more likely to be decent suppliers.

Issuing authority

The business should be in the same city as the government that issued it its operation license. Thus, it is not proper for a business to gets its license from the government of a city and then operate in another.

Date of expiry

The date of expiry tells when the license of the current business expires. It should be noted that the renewal is not at all a complex process.

Company name

The need for a company name registered with Alibaba is very important and crucial. The rate of online fraud is on the increase. Thus, it’s very important that the account customers pay into is the same as the company name on Alibaba.

Registered address

A noted, registered address should be provided. Though there are cases where some companies put down a particular address but operate from another.

Suppliers involved in subcontract orders should be avoided to prevent getting low-quality goods. This may not sound like a serious case, but indeed it is.

Legal form

The legal form of a company should be noted. Whether it’s a limited liability company or a partnership company or a sole proprietorship. It’s been found out that limited liability companies survive more than sole proprietorship because when the owner lacks funds or dies, the business shuts down.

But Limited Liability Company keeps running. Thus the legal form of the business should be known.

2.Trade capacity

The information found here is totally provided by the suppliers. Thus, it may not be fully trusted, and accurate but it may still be helpful to scrutinize suppliers.

Main market

The market of a supplier is very important. A supplier who focuses on not just domestic trade but international trade of exportation and importation will always be chosen over the domesticated supplier interested only in the local market.

Total annual sales

This tells about the size of the total supply for the year and also the scale of the business.

Accepted delivery terms

This is the chosen delivery method selected by the supplier. Most suppliers go for CIF shipping while almost all go for EXW and FOB.

Accepted payment type

Gold suppliers have bank accounts, are legally registered thus can receive telegraphic transfer payment. Letter credit is also accepted but only for large orders.

Main customers

Having a main supplier as a customer is very good though Alibaba doesn’t state their main customer probably to avoid competition.

Export percentage

Those suppliers focused more on export are more likely to produce more quality goods due to various customs laws in different countries and also being aware of product certification standards in other continents.

Accepted payment currency

The generally accepted currency is majorly USD, most preferred by American and European importers. Most suppliers frown at EUR because of its instability over time.

Minimum Order Value

This specifies the lowest or minimum monetary value on orders that an Alibaba gold supplier is willing to enter into production and willing to sell.

To increase the number of orders, Alibaba gold supplies might define a minimum order value for orders placed by buyers. If the minimum order value threshold is not achieved, the order placement can either be blocked or made possible only under certain conditions, for example, after paying a fee.

Most suppliers stick to the minimum order quantity (MOQ) instead of the minimum order value requirement. That is, they choose the number of goods a customer buys to the value of it. Suppliers will prefer if more goods are bought instead of fewer goods and more value.

You can also refer to the minimum value as a threshold. The threshold can either be soft or hard. The hard threshold means that if the buyer’s cart value is below the minimum order value, the buyer will not be allowed to proceed to order placement.

The soft threshold is represented by three types a message, an additional fee with a fixed amount of money, and an additional fee with a flexible amount of money.

Nearest Port

This considers the nearest place for your goods to be loaded and shipped. This port should be in the same location as where the supplier is to help with proper logistics. The supplier should make sure he uses a port closest to him, though this is totally the choice of the supplier, to avoid irrelevant stories, he should use closer ports.

On the off chance that you are asking from which port your items ought to be sent, you don’t pick; it is your supplier’s choice. It will be the port that is nearest to them where they have contacts, and they know for a fact they can dispatch from that port stress-free.

If you need to know which port you ought to have your goods transported to, that is the place where you can make a choice. It typically bodes well to transport to the port closest to your delivery point, yet some of the time, it tends to be more cost-effective to transport to a different port where logistics will be simpler, quicker, and more affordable.

Except if you have access to insider information, it is highly unlikely you will have the option to discover that information all by yourself. You need to utilize a local freight forwarder to deal with the shipment from the supplier or from the supplier’s preferred FOB port right to your delivery address.

That way, you are sure to enjoy the smoothest shipping and conceivably the most minimal expense. Obtain quotes from different local freight forwarders, making every detail available to them. They will mention to you what they have to know. Inside their quote, they will designate a receiving port where they believe it is best for your shipment to go.

How to verify a company’s background

Using the information provided by Alibaba, you can effectively ascertain a company’s background. Information as a company name, license, and legal information, amongst other necessary things, are highly important in verifying a company’s background.

Photos of the supplier’s operations

Suppliers upload pictures of their products on Alibaba.com; this is a form of advertising and also to motivate their customers to make purchases.

These photos are taken in a really attractive way to make it appealing to the customers. Before any purchase is made on Alibaba, it’s compulsory that a picture of what you desire to buy is uploaded and accessed by the customers.

The picture quality should be very good in JPG format and also very clearly taken. The customer’s feedback is necessary here because it will determine if what is gotten or received is exactly the same as what is uploaded online.

Contact information

The contact information of suppliers should be known. Not necessarily their personal address or numbers, but their business contacts should be named and accessed by customers.

Individuals should also, on their own part, ensure that the suppliers they do business with are strictly those whose contact information is known.

Certifications from subsidiaries, partners, or contractors

Most times, Alibaba gold suppliers have retailers who buy from them and resell. They are certified partners registered and approved to sell products.

It’s like a contract, and their profit sharing is also stipulated in the agreement. These subsidiaries are certified, and their actions are accounted for.

#2: Warrior Forum

This platform is created and owned by Clifton Allen, and is your ideal spot if you are in search of discussions pertaining to online marketing.

Topics involving email marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Pay-Per-Click Marketing are all addressed on the website.

So, if expanding your website reach is what you are in search of, Warrior Forum is your destination. It is among the oldest online forums associated with e-commerce, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

The forums that are on this website include Search Engine Marketing, Growth Hacking, Email Marketing, Social Media, Offline Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Copywriting, etc.

You will need to sign up as a member before you can post questions on the forum.

#3: eCommerce Fuel

The next Amazon discussion forum on our list is eCommerce Fuel. It is renowned as one of the best ecommerce podcasts, but it also runs a highly popular ecommerce forum.

With over 1,000 high-earning experts, you can utilize the global network that the platform provides to get expert advice and gain more knowledge about scaling. eCommerce Fuel has over 10,000 discussions that you could use to your advantage; you can find almost anything on this forum.

The platform is owned by Andrew Youderian, a popular influencer and ecommerce entrepreneur. All the tips offered here could be your ticket to being a 7-figure ecommerce entrepreneur.

#4: Digital Point

Digital Point is where the old-school ecommerce enthusiasts and Amazon sellers converge.

Of course, beginners are not the only ones who ask questions, even the experts do, and this platform is their go-to forum. If you have been looking for the best Amazon seller forums FBA, you should not neglect this platform. The online community is an excellent tool for Amazon FBA sellers.

Digital Point gives you the flexibility of browsing questions by topic or by date, and you can also post your own questions and get the needed answers. The website also features a marketplace, a member area, and other useful online tools like Rank Checker.

#5: Full-Time FBA

Have you been searching for an Amazon seller group on Facebook to engage in forum-styled discussions?

Then Full-Time FBA is your best bet. The forum is aimed at transforming part-time sellers into full-time FBA experts. They treat every question with care, and you could promote your products with permission. Full-Time FBA currently has 9,456 members and is moderated by Stephen Smotherman.

According to him, the purpose of the forum is to build a positive community of people with interest in selling on Amazon and switching from being a part-time seller to a full-blown successful Amazon FBA seller.

#6: UK Business Forum

UK Business Forum is not designated for Amazon FBA selling only; it offers useful answers to questions concerning other sections of your business, like marketing, accounting, and legal issues.

The platform is built to aid you in steering through the enormous tricky sides of running your business successfully. If you an Amazon seller from the UK, this forum could be an excellent resource for you.

The forum answers some questions that are peculiar to UK merchants only, so it is most useful to those based in the United Kingdom. But if you are moving to expand your business to the UK, this tool is your best bet.

#8: Tamebay

Though it isn’t a forum, the platform run by Dan Wilson is an excellent resource for Amazon and eBay UK sellers. The platform allows sellers to be up to date with recent happenings and developments within the ecommerce industry.

The website is always updated, and you can get a daily highlight of the top news in your mailbox by signing up for their newsletter. It is among the best Amazon seller blogs on the Internet.

For every ecommerce, dropshipping, and Amazon-related issues, Tamebay is the ideal site to visit because it is a wonderful community.

#10: Fulfillment by Amazon on Reddit

Reddit has been growing exponentially and attracting millions of regular users. Statistics indicate that Reddit has over 282 million visitors every month. Fulfillment by Amazon is a smaller forum on the Reddit channel.

It features routine questions and answers; FBA on Reddit is the ideal destination for sellers looking for swift assistance on any topic. The community is quite active; therefore, you will get a quick update on any changes concerning Amazon rules and guidelines.

Although the community is still small, it is a nice resource to tap into when you are in need of help. It is not suitable for newbies, but if you’ve been on Amazon for a while, this is the best community for you.

#12: Amazon Sellers

The platform was created in 2007 and is a Facebook community for every seller on Amazon. It is among the first Facebook groups set up for Amazon sellers.

At the time of publication, the platform had over 54,129 participants and 601 posts made in the last one month. This forum is a center for information sharing and advice rendering on topics that involve sales on Amazon.

There are a few rules that you must not violate on the platform, or you will be kicked out! The admins always ensure that the content posted on the forum are relevant, so you do not have to worry about coming across any crappy information.

#14: Unstoppable FBA – Marketing Hacks for Amazon Sellers

Like the title says, Unstoppable FBA dishes out tips and hacks for sellers on Amazon.

This forum, created by Steven Black, focuses on teaching Amazon sellers how to market their products and increase sales through copywriting, Facebook marketing, SEO, audience building, content generation, and conversion optimization.

The community receives about 10 – 20 new posts daily. Although it sounds a bit overwhelming, they are all helpful, so try to check them out.

#18: Sellers Helping Sellers on Amazon and eBay

This is a Facebook group dedicated to assisting both Amazon and eBay merchants in succeeding in their journey. Although the group is not as active as other Amazon communities, it maintains a high-quality content platform to ensure that most of your problems are solved.

If you need help with an issue pertaining to your Amazon business or you wish to sell on multiple channels, then this Facebook group will be a valuable tool for you.

#20: StartupBros

Do you desire to live a happy life and escape the 9-5 hassle? Then this community is for you. StartupBros helps its community through podcasts, blog posts, webinars, courses, Facebook communities, etc.

It is an ecommerce hub that offers Amazon sellers masterclass programs, live events, and training courses. Once you sign up for any of these services, you will gain access to the StartupBros informative forum. Here, you get to engage with like-minded individuals who are willing and learn and upscale their business.

#22: Amazon Seller Space on Quora

Quora tackles almost every topic you can think of; however, it may take a little bit of research. The response you get for every question you ask is worthwhile.

You can browse by date or by topic, or you can enable notifications to alert you when there is a new answer to your inquiry. The platform has over 100 million users, and that gives you an excellent opportunity to find whatever you are looking for.

#25: Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers uses a format similar to Quora. It is an online question and answer forum. It is, however, not created specifically for Amazon sellers; there are varying topics on the platform, so you have to find what suits you.

The platform has a user-friendly interface, which means you can easily navigate and find related topics. All you need to do is access your dashboard and type your question in the search box.

#7: WebRetailer

With a responsive design and user-friendly interface, Web Retailer provides you with the opportunity of having access to a significant number of topics with easily answered questions.

This platform is run by Andy Geldman and provides assistance for Amazon and eBay users searching for third-party software and services. The site is categorized into four major sections, a forum, a blog section, a webinar section, and a software directory with independent reviews.

You will also come across researches about big topics and insightful interviews with sellers. Being amongst the oldest online Amazon seller forums, WebRetailer is an efficient tool for sellers who wish to run a successful business.

#9: FBA All-Stars

FBA All-Stars is another reliable form for Amazon SFP and FBA sellers. It is a Facebook community that aids Amazon sellers in building a bigger and more improved profit by offering a masterclass of FBA success.

The platform also encourages goal and strategy sharing, and it holds every member accountable for achieving their scaling and success. The owner Matt Ward described it as the elementary ground for building and expanding existing Amazon businesses.

If you wish to grow your small Amazon business to a six or 7-figure business right from scratch, FBA All-Stars is your destination.

#11: The AMZ Tracker Community

This is another forum mapped out to help Amazon sellers answer questions, solve problems, and scale their business. You can browse topics by discussion, “best-of,” or latest activity to find out relevant information related to your business.

The forum has a significant number of valuable information and posts made to help both new and old sellers. The community is also dedicated to the use of the AMZ Tracker, a complete collection of software designed to assist Amazon sellers in restructuring and improving their business.

These tools include sales trackers, blogs, revenue estimators, etc.

#13: Amazon Digital & Device Forum

Another superb community for sellers is Amazon Digital & Device Forum. The community was originally created to work as a forum for Amazon shoppers.

However, this forum is also used by Amazon merchants as a tool to get useful feedback from clients. This helps them create a better product listing and general marketing plan.

The forum is owned by Amazon, and if you wish to move forward with your Amazon FBA, you should keep the forum as your top priority.

#15: Amazon FBA Sellers – No Gurus Allowed

If you wish to get answers to almost all your questions, this is a place to be, but bear in mind that the platform is exclusively dedicated to Amazon FBA sellers, which means that you will not be accepted on the forum if you are not a seller.

This is the reason why the forum practices an invite-only system for Amazon sellers. It is quite an active forum and can help you get through whatever problem you are encountering.

#16: Amazon FBA Wholesale Seller

The forum owner by Larry Lubarsky, is meant for Amazon wholesale sellers only. Although most forums on Facebook (or website forums) concentrate on private label selling, this one places its focus on wholesale selling.

The group is one of the newly created ones, but it has rapidly amassed a member base of 12,000 members. You can have access to plenty of valuable stuff here, and you are also free to dish out value too.

#17: Online Seller Drop-Shipping Ecommerce Tools

This group is not made specifically for Amazon sellers; instead, all ecommerce hustlers and professionals can access this great forum.

The good side of the group is that it has over 12,000 members meaning that other members will be open and willing to assist you in solving any issues you may have. The disadvantage is that is the group is public, and although many posts are created on the group, there seems to be little engagement with content.

Nonetheless, if you are a dropshipper, we suggest that you get on this group.

#19: FBA Top Sellers – Amazon Newbies & Pros

According to the title, it is a welcoming environment for FBA sellers to post, ask questions, and build connections with one another.

The group has been in existence for a short while but has become full-blown because of the quality they deliver. It is also among the most active Amazon FBA sellers’ community on Facebook.

#21: Ecommerce Bytes

This site is equipped with a plethora of podcast links, blogs, and other informative guides to help you on your ecommerce journey. Ecommerce Bytes features a forum with a lot of active members who discuss everything related to ecommerce; in turn, they hope to get feedback from you.

You can also post your own questions or suggestions. Website design, marketing, online fraud, packaging, and shipping are also discussed on the website.

#23: Amazon Seller Meetups

This is for individuals who love the old fashion way of networking. Meetup.com gives you the platform to meet like-minded persons within your locality.

Though it appears to be less convenient, it is an excellent way of connecting with other Amazon sellers. The platform features hundreds of groups all over the globe and more than 70,000 members.

You are sure to get valuable advice whenever you seek for one.

#24: Facebook Groups

Social media has made it quite easy for Amazon sellers to connect with lesser hassles. The best part of Facebook groups is that they are easily accessible and always active.

There are general groups that talk about general Amazon topics, whereas you can find more specific groups that discuss some particular Amazon issues.

However, if you can’t find a group that discusses your interest, you can start up one and grow your own community.

Do You Need an Amazon FBA Course?

Q: I’m looking to start Amazon FBA next month. I’ve been doing a ton of research but I’m still wondering if I should take an Amazon FBA course? ANY suggestions?

A: Taking a good course is always a plus. The money is well spend. It will give you the guidelines you need. If you are on budget then listen to podcasts and follow some YouTube channels. You will find tons of good information.

How CraftoooSourcing Supports Amazon Sellers to Buy From China and Sell on Amazon

As an Amazon seller, one of the major determinants of your success is the type and quality of the products you sell. This means that you should never get your product sourcing wrong, as that could be quite detrimental to your business.

Our company is here to take the stress off of you. We are specialized in helping you source quality products from China, and you can go ahead to deliver top-notch quality to your customers.


Most Amazon sellers work from home without exploring the option of discussing ideas and issues with colleagues. You can avoid facing grueling problems by implementing quality strategies dishes out on different forums.

Being a member of an Amazon seller forum equips you with all the hacks needed to be successful as an Amazon seller.

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